Capital Area P.A.L.

Through our collaborative partners we offer after school and summer programs in Educational Assistance, Mentoring Opportunities, Discovery Skills, Intervention Services, Nutritional Awareness, Holiday Camps and Sport Competitions to youth active and minds learning year-round. These various components work together to assist youth in becoming intelligent well-rounded individuals with good character and a desire to succeed. The program bridges the cultural divide by bringing young people together from different social, economic and cultural backgrounds, in efforts to close the achievement gap and prevent juvenile crime.

Our Vision

The vision of Capital Area PAL is to be the top-leading juvenile prevention organization providing various youth development and mentoring programs to all communities in East Baton Rouge Parish. We seek to establish additional PAL charters within surrounding parishes.

Our Mission

The mission of Capital Area PAL is to provide school-age youth the opportunity to develop their intellectual, social and physical well-being in a fun, exciting and safe environment, while promoting the prevention of juvenile crime and violence by building positive relationships among kids, cops and communities. 

Our Goals

Capital Area PAL is  devoted to ensuring youth reach their full potential by serving as a vehicle to foster excellence through positive engagement during the most critical times, after-school and summer months. We believe that every child is given unique gifts that can be best actualized when given the proper tools and guidance.