About Our PATHWAYS Program

 Behavioral challenges, emotional difficulties, and mental health issues often reveal themselves in childhood and early adulthood. These challenges and issues can impact a young person’s functioning at home, in school, and in community. As a result, failing grades, truancy, acute behavior challenges, or drug and alcohol use can become the byproduct of these challenges. That’s why intervention must start early, if we want to divert and prevent the escalation into more serious and dangerous behavior. We've partnered with the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriffs Department's Reality Behind Bars Program to expose at risk youth to the day to day reality of life in prison. Our goal is intended to deter juveniles between the age of 8-14 years old from participating in future crimes. 

How Can You Tell If Your Child is At-Risk?

If your child is struggling with any of the following issues, he or she may be at risk:

Anger issues

Defiance issues

Drug Substance abuse (drug, alcohol or medication)

Poor academic performance

Poor sense of commitment to responsibilities

Poor family relationships

Socially withdrawn/poor social relationships

Negative/harmful peer relationships


Self-destructive behavior (e.g. climbing rooftops)

Deliberate self-harming (e.g. self-inflicted cuts on the wrist)

Carrying/keeping contraband or illegal items

Sexually promiscuous